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Congratulations Hall of Famer Tosh Murphy!


BHS Alumni and Friends Foundation Introduces 2013 Hall of Fame Class

By Connect-Bridgeport Staff on August 17, 2013

      The Bridgeport High School Alumni and Friends Foundation is proud to announce its seventh Hall of Fame Class. This year’s inductees are John Murphy from the Class of 1947;  John and Marcia Conley from the classes of 1969 and 1971,  respectively; former principal Lindy Bennett and the late English teacher Julia Jarvis.
      The recipients will be recognized at halftime of the Bridgeport-Keyser football game on Friday, October 11th and will be the guests of honor at the annual Hall of Fame Dinner on Saturday, October 12th at 6 pm at the BHS cafeteria.  Tickets to the dinner can be purchased by calling Charlotte Cathell at 304-842-3474 or Fay Jamison at 304-842-6510.
John Cecil Murphy was born to Cecil and Evelyn Murphy on May 12, 1929 in New Martinsville, WV.  His family moved to Bridgeport when he entered the seventh grade.  While a student at Bridgeport High, John excelled in football, basketball and baseball, graduating with the Class of 1947. He was highly recruited and even received an in-home visit from Paul “Bear” Bryant, head coach at the University of Kentucky. He chose to attend WVU on a Benedum Scholarship and graduated in with a degree in physical education.  He was a member of the 1949 Sun Bowl football team and of the university’s ROTC unit.
      After graduation, Murphy served two years on active duty with the United States Army.  He was deployed to South Korea where he earned a Bronze Star and the Combat Infantry Badge, among other military honors.  After an honorable discharge with the rank of First Lieutenant, he returned to WVU where he obtained a Master’s degree in physical education.  He was hired as the head football coach at Bridgeport High School and led the Indians to their first state championship in 1955.
      Murphy then decided to pursue a career as a Special Agent with the FBI.  He attended law school and served on the football staff at the University of North Carolina.  Upon graduation, he was accepted into the new agents training class and became a Special Agent in 1959.  He spent the next 25 years of his life serving as a Special Agent in Connecticut, Philadelphia and Harrisburg and was responsible for instructing all new agents in defense tactics and physical conditioning.  He retired in 1984 as the FBI’s law enforcement liason for South Carolina.  His duties included coordination of all federal and state joint activities and overseeing the selection of state officers to attend the FBI’s National Academy Training at Quantico.  He then worked ten years as a legal instructor at the South Carolina Law Enforcement Academy before his retirement in 1994.
      He and his wife of 54 years, the former Marianne Salyer reside in Columbia, SC.  They have three grown children – Erin, JR and Chris.  They have five grandchildren.

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Well.. looks like Chris and I have to go hard hat shopping this week.  We found out today that, in keeping with Murphy tradition, we’re HAVING ANOTHER BOY!  If Liam is any indication, there will be a lot of flying objects soaring through the air at our house for the next few years.   Don’t worry, we’ll pick up a few spare hard hats just in case you come over to visit. =)

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Game Day

… looks a little different over here…


Clearly, Vandy just scored..

P1040303And of course, due to a time zone issue, kick off comes pretty early.  Here is our (newly) traditional post-game nap.



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When the kids had been quiet for a little too long…

I assumed the worst and went to their room, expecting a huge mess.  But, instead I found what was occupying them.  The joy of wearing hats!



And it turns out, every activity is more fun in a hat!



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The grandparentals have requested more pics..

Their wish is my command… which is easier now that we have somewhat faster internet! =)

P1040206 P1040208 P1040222 P1040234 P1040235 P1040236 P1040240 P1040196 P1040188

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When life gives you lemons…

Well, a lot has happened since last we posted!!  First, we’re happy to report that Little Murf #3 is the size of a lemon this week!

Now, where have we been, you ask?! A better question is where haven’t we been?!  For security’s sake, we left our home early for a conference in Greece.  Then, after the conference, when we tried to change our tickets to move straight to the country where we’ll have the baby (rather than return home), no flights were available for a week.  So, we wound up at a Greek beach resort for 3 weeks!  Here are few highlights:

P1040186 P1040197P1040210 P1040257 P1040260

As you can see, Keegan is VERY serious about water safety.

Now, we’ve landed in the country where we’ll be until we have the baby.  We’ve got a great little set up here.  We have a good, furnished apartment with great outdoor space for the kids to play.  Chris will study language at a nearby school, while Callie studies online.  We will also continue our work for our home-base country, while contributing to projects going on here in this one.  Should be a busy and good next 6 months until the baby comes!

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