About the Murfs

From the southeast, out west, and back again, we now trek out across the desert with our little growing clan.  We invite you to come with us as we make our home in the Middle East.  Bring your sunscreen, grab your camel and let’s get going!


4 responses to “About the Murfs

  1. Diane Montgomery

    Enjoy the updates. Hoping for a safe trip and a friendly environment when you get there. I hope none of the immunization process has been a problem for Keegan or you adults! She probably took it better than the “big people”. We will be thinking of you. D.

  2. Thanks so much!! Actually, she handled all the shots better than we did!! Just a little cry when she got the shots and then, all smiles 2 seconds later!! If only we all had the lack of long term memories babies have at shot-time! =)

  3. Ross

    From the TechMurf,
    We will be your neighbors soon, bringing the collective IQ of the Middle East to a new low. On the ground on Oct. 24th with QueenMurf. Your brood is looking good but you need work on your lats. Your brother, MulliganMurf, needs some toning as well.
    See you soon.

  4. Mike Cowart

    Your Dad and Brenda are in my SS Class @ First & our class is thinking of you and your family. Brenda sent me your blog post this AM (Sunday) and I’m looking forward to watching how he delivers:) you through this Great Adventure. I’ve also had kidney stones but cant imagine stones w/pregnancy!!!
    Mike Cowart

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